Second Chances


Olde Paths, Inc. has a special purpose beyond dunescapes, landscaping and erosion control. An important secondary aspect to our business is that we work with men who have made choices in their past that make it difficult for them to find a job. Some of them have been incarcerated and have a record. We have contacts among parole officers and Rescue Missions who refer clients who have proven that they want to turn over a new leaf. We work with them and train then to improve both their work skills and habits. Many of them have been with us for over three years to as many as eight years. We do this work by working side by side with them. There is nothing like sweat, honest hard work and accountability to check the character and habits needed to support yourself. Our secret weapons are simple. First it is supervision and training by men who have learned through their own experiences. Second, it is a caring atmosphere which we demonstrate by starting the day in prayer for strength, wisdom and safety and for special needs that they request. Our heavenly Father has given a “second chance” to His children. In thankfulness we seek to give a “second chance” to these often discouraged and beaten down men. Many of them have entered the normal job market after proving themselves with us. We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in all situations.