Keeper of the deep

Keeper of the deep

Keeper of the Deep

Now each ripple follows the last,
Yet quickly arises the wild blast.
A picture of my life I see,
As if a boat my life would be.

When sailing on life’s fitful sea,
And round me waves swirl and dance,
Lord keep my eyes firm fixed on Thee,
Lest assailed my heart thinks all is chance.

Lord of the wind, fill my sail,
Let not the storm o’er me prevail.
Without Thy sovereign hand to guide,
My ship would crash at eventide.

I see great waves and billows roll,
For the lost the bell doth toll.
Alone, I cannot make the strand,
But, smash to dust and join the sand.

Thy Word of Light a beacon shines,
Piercing dark of heart and fog of mind,
Guiding Thy chosen sailer home,
Till safely into Thy port I come.

Lord, teach me how to furl the sail,
To grip the tiller before the storm,
To run swiftly with the wind,
To tack steadfastly back again.

Lord, teach me how to read the sky,
To observe with weather eye,
To trust Thee when all seems becalmed,
To anchor when I’m safely home.
Thou art sovereign o’er the deep.

Through waves and billows, Thou dost keep.
Powerfully Thou sayest, “Peace be still”,
And all the tempest flees Thy will.

Through pain and sorrow Thou dost keep,
Thy servant stumbling faint and weak.
Thou in love dost come to seek.
Thou savest me, O Keeper of the deep.

On Thee, O let me safely sleep,
My God, Great Keeper of the deep.

Deane Wassink 01/17/00
revised 01/22/03