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Poetry & Writings by Deane Wassink

Christian Meditations and Poems Inspired by Michigan's Golden Coast

I dedicate this beginning collection of simple writings to the greatest gift that God has given me in this life: my wife and children. Their love and support though the many trials we have faced in our sojourn together have been my strength and joy. Thank you. I thank God everyday for you.

It is my hope and prayer that these short essays and verses may lead the readers to see – even if only a little bit – more clearly the wonder of the creation around us. I have the unique privilege of working almost daily in the dunes along the shore of one of our greatest natural wonders, the Great Lakes. The more I learn, I realize that there is much more that I do not know.

I have spent most of my life within a couple of miles of Lake Michigan’s eastern shore. I hope that the sense of awe I used to feel as a child has not dimmed with time. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my collection, if you would like to discuss my writings or tell me what you think of them please reach out to me at

Deane Wassink 

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