Planting Advice

Plant Applications

– New landscapes anywhere in sand
– Swimming pool areas
– Erosion trouble spots along the lakeshore

Planting Time

– March through May or September through December while the plants are dormant

Planting Method

– The root must be planted 6-8 inches deep

Plant Spacing

– 6 inches for steep slopes – 4 per square foot
– 8 inches for moderate slopes and sites with high visibility – 2 per square foot
– 12 inches for flat ground
– 18 inches for economy – 1 per 2 square feet
– 6 inches to 18 inches depending on the need

Plant Fertilizing

– Not necessary, but it does promote color and size
– Broadcast any balanced fertilizer (not too high in nitrogen) in the Spring or Fall. For example 10-10-10 or 12-12-12

Plant Growth

– First year, a clump of 5-6 shoots will form
– Second year, a dense stand of grass will cover the area

Planting OPTIONS

– Do-It-Yourself (with our guidance)
– Let our experienced crew install for you